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The stakes in this 84th edition will be high in all classes, but the most seasoned observers will be keeping a keen eye on the TF35 hydrofoil catamarans, wondering if they will finally manage to dominate the race as they were supposed to do since their launch in 2020.

For the record, in 2021 the M2 catamaran Emineo, skippered by Olivier de Cocatrix, crossed the halfway mark in the lead. The TFs came back at the end of the race, with the first six crossing the finish line in two minutes, followed very closely by Christian Wahl and the M2 catamaran fleet.

Last year’s scenario was even more incredible with the victory of Christian Wahl’s “old” Decision 35. Two D35s and six M2 catamarans were among the top ten in the race, while Alinghi finished eighteenth, half an hour behind the first monohull, the Hungarian Libera Raffica.

For their third participation in the BOM, the TF35s are obviously hoping to benefit from more stable and strong conditions that will allow them to demonstrate their full potential and maybe even beat the race record held since 1994 by Peter Leuenberger’s Triga IV in 5:01. On 27 March, Realteam for Léman hope smashed the Ruban Bleu record on the BOM course, in 3:43. All that remains is to do it during the race…

A starting line for multihulls and foilers

For the second year in a row, all foil-equipped boats – monohulls and multihulls – will start on the same starting line, down course from the more orderly monohulls. This innovation is intended to improve the safety of all participants. From 2024 onwards, hydrofoil boats will not only have their own starting line but also a specific ranking; this information will be specified in the coming weeks.